Tight, tight, loose, loose

The energy and being of Phoenix033 resonates strongly with my intentions of connecting and healing.



The infinite self is here now. And what I do with that self is up to me. How I approach it. How I relate to it. How ii see it and myself within it.

For most of my life I have been trying to “get it right.” Maybe you can relate. First it was in the material world of doing al the things I thought I needed to have a good life. Then it was in the spiritual world trying to “follow my guidance,” and do the right thing. Lest I do the wrong thing, and the whole world falls down on me. This is more of the same. When I came to the spiritual path I brought my ego with me. Therefore I started behaving much the same way, just with a spiritual notion.
Don’ get me wrong. I see a lot of truth in that, the spirituality of…

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